SERVICES// We offer handsome and highly scalable services for you to expand your business


Import Export agent services

Our competent staff can handle all of your importing and exporting needs. We assist by overseeing all processes from the paper works, to licensing, purchasing, customs clearance, inspection, and finally the delivery of your products.


Manufacture representation

Let us be your eyes, ears and voice. Our experts are highly trained to speak on your behalf and develop new business. We enter your target market for you and establish long term trade connections.


Market research

You can count on us to gather all info needed when looking to enter a new market segment, or new country. We are experts at delivering valuable information on demographics, economic standing, demands, needs, popular products, even identifying and verifying your competitors.


Product sourcing

Whether you’re looking for food stuffs, electronics, natural resources, metals, jewelry, garments, or other popular merchandise, our experts are guaranteed to find it for you at the best possible prices and quantities to meet your demands, through our partnerships with manufactures and suppliers all over the world.


Global trade agreements

Looking to build long term trade agreements? Well we can help. Our staff of experts are capable of establishing and maintaining both short and long term trade agreements. If the quality and price is right, don’t let a good supplier pass by, Alameziem can form and negotiate contracts on your behalf.


Buying and selling agent services

Let us take care of your buying and selling needs. Our team of enthusiastic and talented representatives can purchase and sell on your behalf; we have the skills on hand to close any size deal you require.


Freight forwarding

Transporting your goods has never been so easy and worry free. For years Alameziem has provided outstanding freight forwarding services, taking charge in moving freight all over the world through land, sea, and air. Trust that we will get your products where you want them hassle free always.


Product placement and promotion

With our growing network and partnerships, we have the knowledge and experience to put your product in the right place, at the right time, and in the right market. We strategically promote for you to buyers, wholesalers and everyone in-between.


Distribution and warehousing

Depend on us to warehouse your goods in our multiple warehouses internationally. We also offer circumstantial distribution services, if you are looking to keep products overseas for quick disbursement in local markets.


Sales and buy lead sourcing

Any product that you’re looking to buy or sell, you can count on us to match you with a dependable buyer or seller. With our large partnership base, we receive new buy and sell requirement leads everyday from trusted manufactures, suppliers, and buyers all over the world.


Ro Ro or container vehicle transport

Our team can help transport your car, truck, motorcycle, or any other type of vehicle overseas by means of container or roll on roll off. (Note for Ro Ro services vehicle must be operable)


Consulting services

As your leading import export agency we offer free consulting. Our experts can answer all of your questions and concerns of trade including, the fear of doing business in a foreign market, and how to appeal within a foreign market.


Alameziem llc is a licensed, certified, and proud member of multiple trade organizations. At Alameziem we are thrilled to be at the forefront of the import/export industry making global trade safer and easier. Our guarantee is that you’ll enjoy our services as much as our friendly staff enjoys offering them to you, with the utmost honesty and integrity. With our dedication and proven track record we promise to take your business to the next level. So come on, discover the world of trade with your friends at Alameziem!