SOLUTIONS// We offer handsome and highly scalable solutions for you to expand your business


New market entry

Our award winning staff can be counted on to guide you successfully into new markets. Expanding your business also means expanding your product reach by tapping into new markets and discovering needs and demands. We have the expertise to give you positive results, whether you’re looking to introduce a new product or export products abroad.


Safer global business

Most manufactures and buyers have fears of importing and exporting due to bad experiences or simply lack knowledge on how to begin. We have helped many manufactures and wholesalers import and export safely worldwide, with our enhanced business verification methods and product inspections to give peace of mind.


Global match making

Our partnerships all over the world make it easier to pair manufactures, buyers, and sellers. We receive a fair amount of trade requests globally every day. The experts we have on staff at Alameziem seek above and beyond to match you with the most reliable buyers and sellers for your products.


Global business development strategies

With a staff full of experienced professionals, we are highly dependable in developing strategies on turning local manufactures into global suppliers. We clearly map out for you the plans and moves involved in the development, and then present our recommendations.


Matching supply with demand

Many times we have experienced manufactures that are unable to source buyers to match their supply and buyers who are not able to find reliable manufactures to meet their demand criteria. At Alameziem we end your woes and find you that buyer or supplier that is able to produce and deliver up to your standards.


Business expansion

In order to grow as a business, a company has to seek new opportunities. We have a portfolio full of thriving companies under our belts that we have helped grow and venture into new markets. The bottom line being, as Alameziem’s network continues to expand we help you expand, by keeping you updated on new opportunities.


Alameziem llc is a licensed, certified, and proud member of multiple trade organizations. At Alameziem we are thrilled to be at the forefront of the import/export industry making global trade safer and easier. Our guarantee is that you’ll enjoy our solutions as much as our friendly staff enjoys offering them to you, with the utmost honesty and integrity. With our dedication and proven track record we promise to take your business to the next level. So come on, discover the world of trade with your friends at Alameziem!